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An Article about the Illustrious Lineage of Sri. Purisai Swami

Translation of part of the Preface for the book, "Sri Acharya Vaibhavam" written in Tamil by Sri. U.Ve S.V.S Raghavan
Translated By S. LakshmiNarasimhan

Acharya Vaibhavam was first written as a series of articles in SriNrisimhaPriya . The credit goes to Sri. U.Ve. Purisai Nadadur Krishnamachariar who had written it in a beautiful manner and with such continuity that the readers of SriNrisimhaPriya will be waiting for the next issue for reading the Acharya Vaibhavam.

Sri. Purisai Swami belongs to SriVatsa gotram. People born in SriVatsa gothram are usually Paradevatha Paramaarthya Gnaanigal. Also, persons born in Nadadur vamsam are usually knowledgeable elders. SrimanNathaMunigal's sister's sons and their lineage belonged to SriVatsa Gothram. Sriman NathaMunigal had taught them 4000 pasurams with Ragam, thalam and Artham. Swami Desikan refers these disciples of Sriman NathaMuni as "NarKaadal Adiyavar". Nadadur Azhwan falls into this lineage of such illustrious disciples/sister's sons vamsam of Swami NathaMunigal. He was a kaimkaryaparal for Emperumanar. Nadadur Azhwan was SriBhashyakara's sister's son. He had SriBhasyam made into "Pattolai". Nadadur Ammal (VAtsya Varada Desikan) was born in Nadadur Azhwan's vamsam. Sri Sudharshana Suri was the one who had written the commentary "SrutaPrakasika" for SriBhasyam based on Nadadur Ammal's teachings. This commentary was saved by none other than the great "Swami Desikan". Nadadur Ammal's grandson was Gatikasatham Ammal. He got his name because he had written 100 slokas in one Kadigai. In this lineage was born Sri. Purisai Rangachariar Swami and whose son was Purisai Krishnamachariar. Purisai Krishnamachariar's grandson is our Swami "Sri. Purisal Nadadur Krishnamachariar".

His father's name is "SriRangaRamanuja Chariar". SriRanga Ramanuja chariar was an adept scholar who had well learnt all sastras within 16 years of age. He had also adorned Kanchi Varadar's Veda goshti. Srimath Injimettu Azhagiyasingar's daughter was married to Sri Ranga Ramanuja Chariar Swami. Our Swami was born to such a great person and had very highly intellectual maternal and paternal ancestors. He was born in a Dundubi year, Avani Maasam Chitra Nakshatiram. During his garbavAsam, Sri. Injimettu Swami had done Srimath Ramayanam and Srimath Bhagavatham kalakshepam to his pregnant daughter. So we need to give no other reason for Swami being like Prahlada. When Injimettu Azhagiyasingar became the pontiff, our Swami's father adorned ThiruNadu. Our Swami's age was 7 at that time. His chittya did Brahmopadesam and Veda Adyayanam. Then our Swami had learnt in Tirupathi Sanskrit School and Madurantakam Sanskrit School. During this period, Swami learnt under Sri. U.Ve Thirukoshtiyur Swami, Sri U.Ve Devanarvilagam Swami (Sri 43rd Azhagiyasingar), Sri. U.Ve. Villivalam Narayanachariar Swami (Sri 45th Azhagiyasingar's poorvasrama brother) and Sri. U.Ve Thirukallam Krishnamachariar Swami.

He learnt SriBhashya, Geeta Bhashya and Bagavath Vishayam and Sankalpa Sooryodayam under the auspices feet of Sri. 43rd Azhagiyasingar (when he was in poorvasrama). He also learnt under the auspices feet of Sri. 42nd Azhagiyasingar. From 1950 onwards, he has been sub-editor and later on editor of SriNrisimhaPriya. He also did a number of Srimath Rahasya Thraya Kalakshepam amd SriBhashya Kalakshepam.

The rest of this original article contains more about the book in which this preface was written and hence I am stopping this article here. This has been written to give how our Swami belonged to such a great lineage and lived and taught poorvacharya granthams.

Also Nadadur name comes from the word "Nadadar". i.e Nada means lotus flowers. Perumal's feet resembles lotus flowers (thiruKamala Paadam). So, whoever always thinks of Emperuman's feet is a Nadadar. Nadadur is the place where Nadadar's resided.