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Sri MukkurLakshmiNarasimhachariar's History and discourses CDROM

by Sri. Rajagopalan Srinivasan

Sri Mattapally NaaTam PranathOsmi Nithyam Namaha

Dear bhAgavatAs,

On behalf of the Nrusmiha Kudumbam of U.Ve. Sri Mukkur LakshmiNarasimhachariar Swamy adiyEn is pleased to announce the release of CDrom (PC Enabled) titled "Sri Mukkur Nruhari Hrudhayam" - our infinitesimally small attempt to encapsulate ALL the divine qualities of Sri Mukkur Swamy - a mahaN who sacrificed his ENTIRE life for lOka Kshemam

Those who are interested in this PRICELESS possession can get in touch with adiyEn ( . adiyEn would be glad to send a copy in reciprocation for your kind gesture by contributing to the TRUST formed to contine the Vedic Traditions of Sri Swamy and to release many more treasure coves.

This CD contains

  • 600+ minutes of mellifluous voice of Sri Swamy praising the glory of the Divya DampatIs, sampradAyam, His Acharyan and other Acharyans. This includes his discourse in Tamizh (450 mts), Sanskrit (90 mts), Telugu (60 mts), renditions of gaNam, vEdam, and some esoteric rare slOkas that PerumAL HIMSELF has blessed us on a number of occasions through HIS AvirbhAvam on Sri Mukkur Swamy.
  • 500+ annotated photographs about Sri Mukkur Swami's life and works.Through these wonderful pictures, one can vicariously experience the sensation of being with Sri. Swamy and attending his Yag~nams.
  • 100+ pages of textual information that includes: the Sthala Puraanam of Sri.Mattapalli - a small attempt bring out the eternal beauty of this mahA Kshetram.
  • description of the Yag~na Rahasyam, the secret behind the start of the wonderful series of Sri. Swati MahaNrusimha Maha Yag~nams, as revealed by Sri. Swami himself.
  • complete description of a typical Sri Swati Maha Narasimha Maha Yag~nam conducted by Sri Mukkur Swamy. It would take us many days to give just a fleeting glance at this detailed description. Imagine Sri Swami's commitment, sacrifice, time, effort, dedication and of course HIS blessings that went into making these Yagnams a reality, each of the 107(+4) times!!
  • Sri Swamy's own writings on the slOkas that would invariably be distributed in every Upanyasam and Yag~nam of Sri Mukkur Swamy.
  • recollections of bhAgavatAs who have had audience with Sri Mukkur Swami. This clearly brings out the walk-the-talk skill naturally imbibed in this MahaN.
  • some of the many tributes showered on this MahAn. The tributes include those from the Mutt magazines, the Press and the internet forums.

  • Through this CD, we hope to reach the entire human community irrespective of sects, sub-sects, social status and all other man-made silos to enjoy THE UBIQUITOUS LORD SRIMAN NARAYANAN. Do spread the word around and let ALL enjoy the ever pregnant NRUSIHMA GARBAM.

    With Kindest Regards
    Rajagopalan, Srinivasan