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SriVaikuntavAsi. Sri. U.Ve. Thirukkallam NarasimharaghavaChariar Swami

An article about Swami from SriNrisimhaPriya

WHILE INNUMERABLE religious books have been bequesthed to us by versatile scholars, the contents require elaboration and valid explanation for laymen who may be eager to learn the esoteric meaning of the statements made therein. The epics, the Upanishaths and the Puranas need detailed exposition of the hidden secrets embedded in them.

There were days when religious institutions traned several scholars who later took on the task of propagating the philosophy and the rules of dharma, interspersed in religious texts. One such scholar was Thirukallam Narasimharaghavachariar who however passed away when he was 58. His disciples and beneficiaries who cherish his memory have now planned to celebrate his 75th birth anniversary on December 14, 2000, at a function held at Desika Bhavanam, Mylapore, in Chennai and also in Hyderabad. He was at the height of his career rendering discourses when destiny acted.

Thirukallam Swami was educated in various fields of SriVaishnavite theology and Sastras through various institutions such as the patasala and attained proficiency in all branches. He was a disciple at SriAhobilaMutt and had the privilige of learning at the feet of 42nd, 43rd and 44th Azhagiyasingars along with SriPurisai Krishnamachariar and Sri Villivalam Krishnamachariar (present 45th Jeeyar Swami) , who spread spiritual values.

He was made the Asthana Vidwan of Math and was given the title, "SAra SAragnar". He edited SriNrisimhaPriya for 15 years. His discourses on the Bhagavath Geetha were scintillating. His discourses on "Sreemath Rahasyathrayasaaram" were stimulating.

What distinguished the Swami was his humility, the inoffensive manner in which he used to deal with other schools and point out the differences and his punctality. He would not wait for anyone if the scheduled time for commencing his lectures was up and would stop his discourse on the dot, irrespective of the passage in which he was dealing. He was gentle and would clear all doubts of disciples without getting annoyed.

One of the projects proposed to keep the memory of Thirukallam Swami always alive is to complete the "Karanja shrine, one of the Nine "Narasimhars" at Ahobilam.

THE HINDU Friday, December 15, 2000 by DVV
NOTE: This article appeared in Hindu as well as SriNrisimhaPriya.